Chill Out with Efficient AC

The weather changes so drastically these days what with all the recent heat waves hanging about. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t worry about it all that much. This time, however, the heat waves have been strong enough to cause heat stroke. Some people even died.

It is tragic that atrocities such as these heat waves are occurring, but thank goodness we have HVAC systems to keep us cool. Electricity is not an unlimited commodity, and these HVAC systems can be quite a power drain.

In order to chill out both in temperature and energy consumption, here’s a list of the most energy efficient air conditioning systems that you can utilize!

Friedrich Kuhl Plus

The Friedrich Kuhl Plus, ironically, works as both a heater and air conditioner combined. Thanks to this feature, you can conserve energy all year round, whether it’s too cold or too hot.

Although the device is designed to use less energy than your standard air conditioner, it is still considered a heavy duty machine and will keep your house the perfect temperature no matter how hot it is outside.

Overall, it is a little pricey starting at $1100. The extra cost is balanced by the durable motor that is used which can last up to five years without needing a replacement. Thanks to this, you’re basically paying a little extra in order to spend less on your power bill for the rest of your life as well as gaining the convenience of not needing to do anything other than a routine cleaning for five years. You could almost thank them for saving you from the trouble.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have the energy and cost-efficient Frigidaire air conditioner. This unit will only cost you $250, less than a quarter of the one before it.

The unit is smaller and will likely require maintenance after a couple of years rather than five, but the energy conservation is still off the charts in comparison to the standard air conditioner.

It comes equipped with an indoor thermostat which allows it to detect the temperature of the room and adjust based on your specified temperature. The unit has an EER of 10.8, well above your typical air conditioner.

GE 115 Volt Room Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, this air conditioner is designed to cool a single room, rather than your entire house. This unit also has an EER rating of 10.8 and costs around $340.

The advantage of this energy efficient air conditioner is that you can adjust its settings to automatically turn itself off at a certain time to save power. It also has three different speed settings that you can use based on how hot it is outside.

It is also easy to clean as the filter can simply be lifted out and wiped off without any hassle.

These are three of the most energy efficient ac units available to date. Take your pick and start saving electricity today!

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